Our Investment Committee is Always on Your Side

Our Investment Committee, which consists of industry leaders, CFAs and CFPs, accepts fiduciary investment decision making for every ShareBuilder 401k plan. As an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary, this means that we have a legal duty to make investment decisions in the best interests of plan participants. Our committee reviews and selects a high-quality* investment lineup, while also designing model portfolios from which plan participants choose.

A Roster Consistently Reviewed with Investment Management Expertise

In keeping with its fiduciary responsibilities as an ERISA 3(38) advisor, ShareBuilder Advisors Investment Committee conducts a thorough review of the 401(k) investment roster and monitors and adjusts the lineup, both ongoing, and as needed. The Investment Committee review process begins with a broad screen of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) by asset category or style, with each asset category further filtered by multiple variables including:

Inception date (3+ years): A fund must have a minimum of three years of performance history in order to be considered for the 401(k) investment roster “Fund Selection”. Keep in mind, performance data represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.

Assets under management (> $1 billion): A fund must have over $1 billion in assets under management in order to be considered for the 401(k) investment roster “Fund Selection”. This helps ensure liquidity and likeliness of fund survivorship over the long-term.

Fund selection (category or style): Funds that fulfill the above initial screen criteria are then evaluated in much greater detail, including these core criteria:

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    Fund performance:

    Historic performance over one to ten years, with performance over longer periods given greater consideration.

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    Reasonable tracking error of the fund versus its benchmark index and whether the fund is from a trusted, reputable firm.

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    Expense ratio:

    All else equal, cost matters and low-expense is rated better.

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    Bid/ask spread:

    Helping gauge an ETF’s liquidity, a lower spread may indicate that the ETF can handle large orders without significant price movement.

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    Average trading volume:

    This also helps to gauge an ETF’s liquidity, with greater volume indicating the ETF can handle large orders without significant price movement.

Meet our Investment Committee:

Stuart Robertson

Chair, CEO

Appointed by the committee in 2008, Stuart has over 13 years of industry experience. Stuart helped start ShareBuilder 401k. He has led the unit since 2007 with the focus to help more Americans save via low cost solutions paired with high service. Previously, Stuart held management roles at Capital One, Expedia, and Ameritech (now AT&T). He has a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado and an MBA in Marketing and minors in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Garrett Silver

Board Member

Originally appointed to the committee in 2007, Garrett Silver has over 15 years of experience in the investment industry. Garrett was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2010 and has been a leader in using technology to lower the costs of managing money. Garrett previously held engineering, leadership, and executive roles in ShareBuilder, ING DIRECT, Capital One, and Madrona Venture Labs. Garrett re-joined the Investment Committee in 2019.

Bob Miller

Financial Analyst

Reappointed to the committee in 2019, Bob has over 18 years of brokerage and investment experience, including service on this committee during his years with ShareBuilder and Capital One Investing (2008-2016). He is an active CFA charter holder and has a B.A. from the University of Montana with a double major in Economics and Finance.

Automatic Pricing Discounts

The more your company has in total plan assets, the more you save with ShareBuilder 401k. Once your plan exceeds a pricing tier, the savings on your investment management expense automatically kicks in. This program has helped clients continually lower costs and eliminate the hassle and pain of regularly negotiating expense.

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We Can Help You Compare Plans

If you want some guidance in determining whether your plan makes the most financial sense for you and your employees, we can help by reviewing your costs and even forecasting the impact.

* High-quality funds: The ShareBuilder Advisors Investment Committee conducts an annual review of the Exchange-Traded Funds offered as ShareBuilder 401k fund options. This review includes multiple variables including length of time since inception, asset level, historic performance over one to ten years, expense ratio, and how the funds compare to their respective benchmark index. Each fund is monitored and changes are made to the fund lineup as needed to align the investment options to the Investment Committee’s investment policy.