Custom Services for Most Needs

In addition to the standard 401(k) services, ShareBuilder 401k’s bundled offering with a leading recordkeeper also offers custom services for most every need. While the ongoing expenses paid from investments are the biggest costs to manage, it’s important to have transparency into the custom services and pricing so you are fully aware in case the need arises. Below is a comprehensive list of added services—which are usually one-time transaction items—you or your employees can use.

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Custom Services Pricing

Plan Sponsor Costs
Automated clearing house notice of change $50
Determination letter filing $1,000
DOL or IRS audits $600 base, plus $100 Per hour over 6 hours
IRS/DOL Correction Program $250 Per hour, plus $900 Government submission fee if required
Extraordinary service requests $75 - $250 Per hour
Amended Form 5500 $100
Federal filing extension $100
Plan amendment $100 - $400 unless otherwise noted
Product migrations $100
Plan terminations $825 - $1,500 plus any applicable employee paid distribution fees
Plan transfers $825 - $1,500
Plan restatement required by IRS due to regulation changes Fee will vary based upon requirements mandated by the IRS. The last restatement price was $400.
Distribution benefits for death, disability or retirement $60 - $75
Manual conversion of data (electronic conversion is not charged) $10 Per participant; $500 minimum
414(s) compensation ratio testing $225 Per hour
Average benefits testing $225 Per hour
Multiple business/plan testing $225 Per hour, if outside plan data is included
Asset certification letter $150
Employer calculation (if performed by Recordkeeper) $500 Per calculation
Plan design studies $500 Per study
Plan merger $600
Investment conversion fee $250
Participant Costs
Distributions/Withdrawals $60 - $75 Per event
Loans $75 initial + $75 Annually (PAi)
$125 one time (Ascensus)
Required minimum distribution $75
Re-issue of a check $25
Stop payment of a check $35
Overnight mailing fee $35 Per event
Qualified domestic relations order processing $300 - $750 Per occurrence
  • Your exact fee will be determined by the Recordkeeper administering your plan and may vary by the service and or plan features.

We Can Help You Compare Plans

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