Employee Education Can Make All the Difference

We believe the best 401(k) plans are ones that encourage and facilitate employee participation. Leveraging data, education, technology, and people can assist in helping your employees be retirement ready.

We Start with Employee Data

When developing a program that’s in line with your goals, we start with your input and data, and delve into these three critical questions about your employees:


Participant rates:

Are employees actually using the plan?
What percentage of employees are participating?


Salary deferral rates:

Are employees saving enough for retirement? How far are they from retirement age?


Saving smart:

Are employees investing prudently with appropriate asset allocations?

We Support Your Employees Every Step of the Way

Understanding how employees interact with your current benefits and learning more about how they’re currently supported enables us to develop a program that includes in-person meetings, technology, communications, features, and ongoing education.

We use a required video during enrollment, so even employees who miss an employee education meeting will have a common foundation from which to start. Guides, success tip e-newsletters, online calculators, data triggered reminders, and other resources also help your employees make the most of their benefits.

We Can Help You Compare Plans

If you want some guidance in determining whether your plan makes the most financial sense for you and your employees, we can help by reviewing your costs and even forecasting the impact.